The Infinity of Our World

Our Earth is full of wonders, from the pure existence of human life to the simplest most fundamental pillars of civilisation. It is beyond fascinating that such a world can exist in a solar system, of dying stars and bleak deserted nothingness. We here on Earth are a Beacon of hope for a universe lost to the struggles of time and nature.

Now if we as humans were to look around and actually begin to understand how we fit into the great big mess of eternity, we would see how every individual action has shaped the many wonders that surround us. Every being on our earth and every breathe we take has had some impact, no matter how seemingly insignificant, on the grand scheme of life and time itself.

Then there are the spots. Mysterious hidden away places that can hold the potential of a life of magic and incomparable beauty. They tease you with possibilities and trigger dreams to come alive within you. They challenge us to think beyond the predetermined realms of probably and venture into the unknown and seemingly impossible. These spots may be few in number but they are sparse in power. They are places that people go just to be alone, to wander through the deepest alleyways of their own minds . Places that seem like they live in there own separate juncture of reality. These are the places that most people walk past without a second glance, that
eople will destroy with a careless gesture. So where are these places? Now that may just be the simplest question of them all, or maybe it’s just that simplicity that makes it so complex. For they are everywhere. Every tree, every abandoned alleyway, it just depends on who is looking at them.

Our Earth is home to wonders in every format, something that we must learn to respect, love and appreciate, for without it humankind would be no more than single celled organisms fighting for a grasp on consciousness.


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