The Injustice of Being A Reader

It pains me every time I close the covers of a beloved book that the characters I have  just journeyed with are stuck inside the constant limbo of their ending. They do not get to live on, until we open the covers once more and begin their story again. Even so we are confining the characters to live a life in an endless loop, never experiencing anything other than what the writer has planned for them.

It’s safe to say that I may become overly attached to such characters, nevertheless, I would like to put in a personal complaint to the universe. I want the people created in a writers imagination to have a life outside of the words on the page. I don’t want simple ‘they lived happily ever afters’ because that is not life and the end of one challenge should never be the end of a life. As one story ends for these characters I want confirmation that somewhere another one is beginning.

Our lives don’t come to a stand still when we get married, or defeat the man eating ogre threatening our village, so neither should their’s.


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